5 top tips to declutter your office in time for Christmas

Many of us will be glad to welcome in a new year next month and many of our clients are hoping that lockdown will be lifted so that they can return to their premises in 2021.

Before then, it is a great idea to de-clutter so you are starting in the best possible way.

Here’s our top 5 tips to get organised…

  • File

Some people love filing, others hate it, but either was the paperless office has not quite yet arrived for most businesses! Now is a good idea to get your filing completed.

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  • Archive

Not been in the loft all year? You are not alone! After you have sorted out all your filing, it’s a good idea to archive anything you need to keep in a safe and secure way.

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  • Shred

Data protection is always important, yet with the increased number of people working from home this year it is more vital than ever to support your staff to shred their confidential paperwork in the right way. You could provide shredding bags for remote workers, or arrange for staff to file their shredding until they return to the office.

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  • Clean

This year, the importance of good office hygiene has highlighted like never before. As you near the end of the 2020, it’s a good idea to give your premises a thorough clean and stock up on any personal protective equipment you may need for when you get back.

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  • Order anything that is missing!

Last but definitely not least is to make sure you have everything you need for the new year. This could be arranging for post-lockdown essentials like sneeze screens being fitted at your premises, making sure the stationery cupboard is stocked or providing home-working staff with what they need to work safely and effectively. By getting organised before the Christmas break, you can ensure your return to work in 2021 goes as smoothly as possible.

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