With the increase in people returning to work, there is a pressing need for social distancing and ensuring best practises are adhered to in the workplace during this crisis and beyond.

Looking at the options to make your workplace as safe and secure as possible for both staff and customers is imperative. There are changes in the way your staff work, how they communicate and how they work with others.

Here at Gosh we’re working alongside our customers to help them make the most cost-effective and appropriate choices available.

Getting You Back To Your Office Safely Is Our Priority

Our Top Recommendations When Organising Your Covid19 Safe Office Space

  • Separate Desk Banks

    Try to separate any banks of desks you have on your office. This can be achieved by using other pieces of furniture such as filing cabinets or pedestals or you may be able to change the room layout by moving desks to face windows rather than into the room.

  • Desk Screens

    Create individual workspaces by using anti-viral screens (also knows as sneeze screens). These can be made from acrylicplexi-glassMDF or glass  and allow staff to keep a safe distance from each other.

  • Utilise Less Used Space & Rooms

    It may be possible for you to move some staff enabling them to work in existing meeting rooms or offices. This in turn can enable you to increase the number of staff on site at any given time.

  • One Way Systems

    Introducing a one-way system is ideal to ensure social distancing, its particularly useful in spaces such as stairwells, lifts, coffee stations, toilets and kitchens.

  • Restrict Hot Desking

    Now is the best time to have a personal workspace or introduce a cleaning policy if hot desking is unavoidable.

  • Enhance Your Customer Facing Areas

    If you have a reception area or shop counter, introduce an anti-viral screen, available with a slot for documents or payments along with other safety measures such as social distancing signage and sanitiser stations.

Free Social Distancing Surveys

For many people, they will be concerned about the health risks following Covid-19 and many will be anxious about returning to the office.

We are pleased to say that Gosh has been working alongside Chestnut Associates to ensure we have received our Covid-19 Health and Safety training and we hope this will help to ease your minds that we are able to help provide a safe and secure workplace.

chestnut associates

We are offering Free Social Distancing surveys – this will involve a member of our team (wearing full PPE) attending your site and looking at ways to reduce risk to your staff. This could be us suggesting a different layout to the one you currently have, introducing sanitising stations or introducing glass screens between staff to ensure a safe distance.

Book A Social Distancing Survey Today