Case Study - Transformative Office Refurbishment in Stratford

Crafting Excellence in Office Environments

At Gosh Projects, we pride ourselves on delivering bespoke office refurbishment solutions that not only meet but exceed our clients’ expectations. Our dedicated team of designers, project managers, and craftsmen specialise in transforming commercial spaces into functional, inspiring, and sustainable environments. This case study showcases our commitment to excellence through a recent project in Stratford, where we redefined the office space for a distinguished accommodation and guest services provider.

The Company

A leading specialist in hotel and residential services, our client provides top-tier accommodation and guest services across the UK, in partnership with The Home Office.

The Brief

Tasked with a comprehensive office fit-out, we were entrusted to revamp the client’s newly acquired Stratford premises, previously occupied by another tenant. The project scope included crafting executive offices, a full redecoration, electrical reconfiguration, a dedicated prayer room, and furnishing for both work and recreational areas, all under the veil of utmost confidentiality.

The Journey

Our collaboration began with an expedited timeline, aiming to establish a fully operational office in just four weeks. The plan preserved certain areas like the reception and kitchen, while introducing new dynamic workspaces.

Office Furniture Selection

Furniture selection was expedited to meet the tight deadline, encompassing an open-plan office, executive suites, a boardroom, and various communal areas. Our commitment to quality saw us guide the client towards reputable manufacturers, ensuring longevity over immediate, yet less durable solutions.

Stratford office refurbishment furniture

The creation of two directorial offices featured high-specification, fully glazed acoustic partitions. Concurrently, our team refreshed other spaces, including the boardroom and themed Zoom meeting rooms, enhanced with Acupanel acoustic wall panels for superior sound quality.


In collaboration with the client’s IT department, we meticulously repositioned floor boxes to support the seamless operation post-furniture installation.

The prayer room, a sanctuary for reflection, received specialized acoustic treatments for privacy. Adjacent to this, a breakout and dining area was established, where acoustic considerations were paramount.

Despite the on-time furniture installation, the project’s scope extended beyond move-in, including office signage, whiteboard installations, and the addition of plants and a visitor’s area, all conducted after-hours to minimize disruption.

Our commitment to excellence extends to our subcontractors and suppliers, chosen for their adherence to strict regulations and environmental standards, ensuring every piece of furniture not only met but exceeded eco-friendly criteria.

The Result

The client was left with a space that was not only aesthetically pleasing and aligned with their operational needs but also one that resonated with their commitment to quality and sustainability. The new Stratford office exemplifies Gosh Projects’ ability to deliver exceptional office environments, tailored to the unique needs of our clients.