Office Desks

Looking for the perfect office desk?

At Gosh, we will guide you from start to finish as you create a workspace that has the best desks for your business.

We know that sometimes making changes to your workspace can be daunting, so our professional team bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to every project to make it as easy as possible to create the working environment you really want.

height adjustable desk

Sit-Stand Desks

One of our most popular items is our height adjustable, sit-stand electric desks. With the same standard finish and frame options available, we have options to suit any budget.

The best desks for your business

From standard desks to bench desks and adjustable height sit-stand desks, we have a full range for you to choose from.  All items are made to order for you and you can choose the desk shape, size, style and finish.

We have 16 different standard finishes to choose from as well as different frame options.

Privacy and noise reduction screens

It doesn’t just stop at the desk though, we also provide desk-mounted and freestanding screens which help with noise reduction and privacy in busy workplaces, call centres and open plan offices.

10 year warranties

Our desks come with a 10 year manufacturers warranty as standard and we make sure you have all the instructions you need to continue caring for your office desk for years to come..

10 Years