DSE Assessments

Every employer has to offer Display Screen Equipment (DSE) Assessments to any staff using a screen as part of their normal working day.

DSE Assessments are one of the best ways to improve workplace performance and reduce wasted spend on work-related absence.

DSE Evaluate and advise


Working alongside our partners, we have qualified ergonomic practitioners who will visit your office to provide an extensive, personalised DSE evaluation.

Recommendations and advice

We won’t just promote an ergonomic workspace but will also share some great advice.

There are three different types of DSE assessment that we can offer, from a required DSE assessment involving a basic questionnaire to a complex in-depth assessment aimed at those who may be living with medical issues, to make sure every assessment suits your staff.

We can then recommend products from new chairs, height-adjustable desks, copy holders or simply a better working position.

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