Preparing to return to work

At Gosh, we have been busy sourcing products for our customers to ensure their staff can return to work safely. 

These include infrared thermometers, social distancing tapedisposable gloves and maskshand sanitiser and anti-viral surface cleaner as well as some more unusual products.

One of the items we are currently promoting are our new range of protection screens. These come in various sizes and are designed to ensure that you and your staff can safely return to work and keep a reasonable distance from other members of staff and visitors.  

We have reception screens, designed with a document slot and made from 5mm thick Plexiglass. We also have a range of ‘sneeze screens’ which are produced using wipeable, easy-to clean plastic, perfect for any office environment. These are designed to be a lower priced, free-standing option which can be easily moved between desks and maintain social distancing in the office.

 Alongside these, we are also promoting a range of screens which can be either mounted to the top of your existing desktop screens or to your desktops with self-adhesive brackets. 

If you would like any support as you return to work, please visit our website to see our full range of essential business supplies. If you want to chat through your requirements or any challenges you are facing, do email me at or give us a call. We are here to help.

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