The benefits of sit stand desks

Over the past few years, sit stand desks have become more popular and affordable. What started out being a novelty, has now become standard practice for a large number of the workforce. 

We have a range of sit stand desks

After spending months in uncomfortable working conditions, often at home on the dining room table, here at Gosh Projects we are noticing more and more customers wanting to improve their posture and time spent at a desk by purchasing a height adjustable desk.

Studies over the years have explained the health benefits of the ability to sit and stand during the average working day and there really is no disputing these facts. Major international research has produced evidence that sitting for more than 4 hours a day leads to;

–         Disrupted blood sugar levels

–         Increased insulin

–         Increased blood pressure levels

–         Enzymes responsible for burning harmful blood fats shutting down

–         Leg muscles switch off

It doesn’t matter what your level of physical activity, the result leads to an increased risk of heart disease, diabetes, cancer, weight gain and back ache. Having the ability to sit, stand, sit, stand during the working day dramatically improves your health and wellbeing.

Sit Stand desking is here to stay, and now more accessible than ever to have in your home office. Available in a number of different desktop sizes, frame colours and top colours, they really will fit in with any home workplace. With Anti-collision technology, digital displays and cable management included, now really is a great time to make the change to sit stand working. 

We have many different options available, some can even set weight loss programmes for you and be adjusted by your phone or computer!

We would love to talk to you more about the range we have available – just give us a call on 01206 654004 or email us today!

What our customers say…

Allistair, Managing Director of the DS Group, says:

“I had been meaning to get this desk for sometime, I’m so glad I did, it has completely solved my back issues and I find it so much easier to work, thank you Gosh.”

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