Top 5 tips to clean your desk today

Back in January, we created our top 5 tips for cleaning your desk to commemorate ‘Clean your desk day’! This is a chance to de-clutter and prepare for the arrival of Spring, but you can begin practising good habits any time.

A tidy desk can help clear your mind and help you get organised in your workspace, so here’s our top 5 tips to get started…

  1. File, file, file. By now we all expected to be working in ‘the paperless office’ but in reality paperwork is still a part of working life. From magazine files to ring binders and lever arch files, aim to clear your desk regularly by getting into the habit of filing
  2. Invest in an air duster. It comes in an aerosol can and is basically compressed gas that removes dirt from your keyboards, printers and office equipment. We have a special offer on at the moment, so for under a fiver you can have sticky-free keys, at least until your morning biscuit break
  3. Get organised. Label makers, pen pots and to-do lists can all help make this possible
  4. Avoid the furniture polish! Many people reach for furniture polish to give their desk a dust, however it can damage the materials and we recommend using a fine-spray, good quality window-cleaner instead with a J cloth
  5. Set a date. Why not set aside a day every year as your annual archiving day?

Do you have a top tip for decluttering your desk? Or are you guilty of keeping everything, forever? However you do it, Gosh Office can help. 

Check out our Gosh Office website for all the latest offers.

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