Top tips for your home-working set up

Right now, many of us are working from home. From kitchen counters to ironing boards, I have seen a wide range of creative home-working desk arrangements in the past few weeks and I myself am having to make-do, so I wanted to share some top tips on how to arrange your desk and chair to minimise the risk to your health and safety.

These tips will hopefully help you reduce the strain of working at a makeshift desk during the Coronavirus lockdown, but do check out the Health and Safety Executive Display Screen Equipment workstation checklist too on their website.

Raise your monitor

The top of your monitor screen should be at eye level (or just below) and about an arm’s length away from you. You may need to raise your monitor to achieve this.

Support your back

Try to use a chair that helps you keep your back straight throughout the day and that you can sit back in. If you have a chair that has a backrest to support the lower back and is adjustable, even better! You can keep your feet flat on the floor or to use a footrest if you need to.

Sometimes throughout the day you may notice your shoulders become hunched a bit or you get comfortable. This means it’s time for a break!

Let there be light

If you have a space with natural light this is great, but if not then you can always use lamps to help brighten things up. Always check that the light does not cause a glare or reflection on your monitor screen.

Use the space

You need space to use your keyboard and mouse effectively, so try to find a clear space to work in. You should have minimal bend at the wrists to avoid strain and your desk should be about elbow height.

You may find it useful to stand for periods of the day as well, so you could alternate between sitting and standing desks. If you have a standing desk or surface, it should be at about elbow height as well.

Take a break

It’s so important to take breaks during your working day, so try to build these in to your home-working routine. Take a 2 minute walk every couple of hours, drink plenty of water throughout the day and

I wish you lots of luck working from home during this time and I appreciate it can be a juggling-act! If you need any home-working office supplies, just get in touch, we’re always here to help.

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