Wellbeing at work

We’re passionate about helping your business improve your employees’ wellbeing in the workplace.

We’ve teamed up with industry experts in various aspects of wellbeing to help take care of you and your staff.

Every business is different and our wellbeing partners have been carefully selected to ensure we only recommend the right people to help your people.

Find out more about our wellbeing partners below.

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Stress Management

Paula is a pioneer in stress prevention and resilience training. She has helped clients from all walks of life prevent, manage and combat the effects of stress for over 15 years.

As one of the UK’s leading stress specialists, Paula has developed effective, unique and proven stress prevention and resilience training programmes for individuals and organisations. Her unique research-backed approach to reducing stress is designed to help her clients return calm, focus and clarity improving mental and emotional health, whilst reducing levels of workplace stress and anxiety.

Book your teams into The Stress Prevention Programme so they feel calm, focused and in control all day, every day.

First Aid Training

Angela at AJ First Aid Training has over 15 years of medical experience and teaches to schools, nurseries, childminders and Pre-schools as well as to the corporate world.

She will teach you how to keep on the right side of the law and keep your business insurance valid.

Angela can teach up to 5 people at her home address such as childminders or she can come and visit your business to teach up to 12 people at a time.

For all your First Aid enquiries, please visit Angela’s website.

Health & Safety

Chestnut Associates manages the Health and Safety portfolios of over 50 clients in the UK and is operated by Jo Hunt who has over 30 years experience.

The clients that work with Jo and her team know, without question, their needs are met in a unique and individual manner ensuring their Health and Safety agenda is compliant, robust and flexible enough to meet current and, importantly, future needs.

For a free initial consultation with Jo please visit her website 

Posture alignment

Serena Bobowski is an expert in postural alignment and movement.

As a Pilates Teacher for over 20 years, Serena has worked with 100’s of clients who had pain in their bodies due to a sedentary lifestyle.

Serena’s Stand4Health™ system makes it easy and fun to move more while working.  Whether you work from home or in the office, you will inhabit the tools to reduce fatigue and pain in the body and ultimately increase your focus and productivity.

Find out more about Serena’s Stand4Health™ system below

Bobowski method

If you offer a service that would help our clients improve their wellbeing at work then get it touch with Gosh today.

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