Wellbeing at Work

At Gosh, we are passionate about wellbeing in the workplace. More and more, employers are able to support their staff both in the office and when working from home. To help businesses across the UK, we have teamed up with some industry experts.

Paula Ruane, Stress Management

Paula Ruane is a pioneer in stress prevention and resilience training.

She has helped clients from all walks of life prevent, manage and combat the effects of stress for over 15 years.

As one of the UK’s leading stress specialists, Paula has developed effective, unique and proven stress prevention and resilience training programmes for individuals and organisations. Her unique research backed approach to reducing stress is designed to help her clients return calm, focus and clarity improving mental and emotional health.

AJ Training, First Aid Services

For all your First Aid and Fire training needs!

Angela teaches at schools, nurseries, childminders, Pre-schools, corporate: Anyone basically.

Angela can help you keep you on the right side of the Law and your business insurance valid.

Chestnut Associates, Health and Safety Consultancy

Through experience and practical application, complemented by an inherent insight into the needs of businesses of all sizes and scales, Jo Hunt has grown her business Chestnut Associates from its original roots into the company it is today.

Chestnut Associates manages the Health and Safety portfolios of over 50 clients in the UK and the business continues to grow, despite the economic uncertainty experienced by other businesses. The clients that we work with know, without question, their needs are met in a unique and individual manner ensuring their Health and Safety agenda is compliant, robust and flexible enough to meet current and, importantly, future needs.

We can help too…

As Gosh Projects, we have a full range of ergonomic equipment, ideal for any work environment. 

In an office environment, ‘ergonomics’ tends to mean the process of designing work spaces that fit around people. Apart from maximising productivity, a well-designed desk arrangement can also improve the health and safety of staff and help people stay well.

From chairs with increased pump-up lumbar support, headrests and pressure relieving foam to smaller items like footrests or monitor arms, there are lots of ways to reduce the impact of sitting at your desk all day.

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