What’s your New Year’s office resolution?

Here at Gosh, being more organised is one of our top 10 resolutions. As we enter the New Year, many of us feel we could be more organised and make a resolution to do so. Being disorganised and untidy interrupts out workflow and hampers our productivity. Luckily there are several products available to assist you in becoming a more systematic, methodical and tidy worker. Enjoy our top tips below for a more organised 2021…

Messy Desk?

Sinking under a pile of paperwork, coffee cups or technology? Unsure where to start? Simple in/out trays, folders and a touch of colour coded filing can all help. Take time at the end of the day to clear away too.

File Away

Creating a filing system is one of the main ways you can feel more organised. You’ll need to decide on categories to begin with then subcategories within that. You could use different colours for each category to make it easier. Create some labels and file to your hearts content!


Once you’ve sorted through your piles of old paper and filed what you need to keep, you may find outdated documents that you no longer need.  Any company documents that are out of date should be shredded securely to avoid a data breach. An office shredder next to your desk can ensure you destroy as you go. Alternatively, we offer a handy shredding service, where we collect your confidential documents and shred back at our premises. 


Once you’ve sorted your paper filing system, for a true organisational zen like state, you need to focus on your electronic and email filing system. Back up whatever you don’t need onto an external hard drive and utilise USB’s, DVD’s or cloud storage for further backup.

Plan Ahead

Start 2021 with a clear plan in mind – keeping a diary is the best way of keeping organised. Whilst many of us use a diary on our PC’s, phones or tablets, there’s no substitute for using a good old paper diary to write down plans, meetings or to do lists.

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Whatever your New Year’s resolutions, we hope 2021 is filled with more happiness and safety for all of us.

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